Mini Silky Does

Click on pictures for more information. I test regularly for CAE and Johnes - all sires and dams tested negative.

MCH Sol-Orr’s Chantilly Lace

  Date of Birth: April 12, 2010 Sire: Sol-Orr’s Panache Dam: MCH Sol-Orr’s Cindy Lou More about Chantilly Lace Chantilly Lace is the most attentive goat I have on the farm. She loves to follow me around while I do my chores getting into things that she knows she shouldn’t be in. We share a […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Maggie Mae

DOB: March 11, 2002 Sire: Sol-Orr’s Renaissance Dam: Morgan More About Maggie Mae Maggie Mae has been an inspiration to us since the day she was born. She is the best example of what we are striving to produce on a regular basis. It is very hard to get facial hair, beard, chest hair and […]


MSFGA# F8 DOB: February 20, 1997 Sire: Freckles Dam: Gypsy More About Morgan Morgan is a registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe. She is out or our Gypsy and is the dam of MCH Sol-Orr’s Maggie Mae. She has produced many outstanding Mini Silkies for us. Morgan passed away February 22, 2012. She was 15 years and […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Mirabel

MCH Sol-Orr's Mirabel

DOB: August 19, 2007 Sire: Bayshore’s Jonni Few Dots Dam: Morgan More About Mirabel Mirabel is a very promising young doe. She took Grand Champion Junior Doe on her first trip out to a Mini Silky Show. She is only 8 months old in the photo above, it was taken at the Old Dominion Gold […]

MCH Sol-Orr Martina

Date of Birth: June 30, 2012 Sire: Sol-Orr’s Sweet William Dam: Bayshore’s Mascara More About Martina   Martina was an eye catcher from the very start. She is a gorgeous black and white doe with a very lustrous coat and furnishings. She has been a joy to have on the farm. She achieved her Master […]

Sol-Orr’s Madison

Sol-Orr's Madison

DOB: September 29, 2005 Sire: Bayshore’s Rogues Pierre Dam: Morgan     More About Madison     Madison pictured above at 8 weeks old, 10 months, and 2 years. Madison is Monroe’s twin sister. She didn’t develop a coat as quickly as her brother did, she appears to have more coat at 8 weeks than […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Liliana

MCH Sol-Orr's Liliana

DOB: February 4, 2006 Sire: Bayshore’s Noah Dam: Sol-Orr’s Gardenia   . More About Liliana The picture above was taken when Liliana was 4 months old. She has a pretty good body coat coming in, but no head furnishings or signs of furnishings at this point.    Liliana, a pretty name for a pretty little […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Whisper In The Wind

  DOB: August 10, 2010 Sire: MCH Sol-Orr’s Cinemax Dam: Sol-Orr’s Wisteria . More About Whisper Whisper is a lovely Mini Silky doe. She is small and feminine with tons of coat and furnishings. She has done a lot of traveling in her time, she went with me from VA to the Mini Silky Shows […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Secret Hope

MCH Sol-Orr's Secret Hope

DOB: March 7, 2009 Sire: MCH Sol-Orr’s Magnum Dam: Bayshore’s Serenade. More About Secret Hope     These pictures of Secret Hope were taken at about 1 week of age.     These pictures were taken of Secret Hope July 27, 2009 when she was almost 5 months old.I love her bold markings and her […]

MCH Sol-Orr’s Duet

MCH Sol-Orr's Duet

DOB: September 26, 2005 Sire: Bayshore’s Pepe Le Pew Dam: Sol-Orr’s Melody . More About Duet I sold Duet as a kid to someone in Florida. When they decided to get out of Mini Silkies, they offered to let me buy her back which I did. She had been shown a limited amount while with […]