MCH Sol-Orr’s Mirabel

DOB: August 19, 2007
Sire: Bayshore’s Jonni Few Dots
Dam: Morgan

More About Mirabel

Mirabel is a very promising young doe. She took Grand Champion Junior Doe on her first trip out to a Mini Silky Show. She is only 8 months old in the photo above, it was taken at the Old Dominion Gold Cup Shows on April 18, 2008, the day she went Grand Champion.

At 11 months old Mirabel took Grand Champion Jr Doe at both the 2008 Indian Summer September Morning Show and the 2008 Indian Summer Harvest Moon Show. MSFGA awards each Grand Champion at the show a Championship Leg toward their MSFGA Master Championship. Once a goat has earned three legs under at least two different judges with at least one leg being earned when the goat is 18 months or older will become an MSFGA Master Champion. Mirabel will have to wait until 2009 show season to finish her MSFGA Master Championship.

Below right is Mirabel at the 2009 Indian Summer Harvest Moon Mini Silky Show, where she took Grand Champion Senior Doe for her third Master Champion Leg. Mirabel is just over 2 years old in this photo, she is a small doe with good width and substance, yet she is elegant and is getting more extreme everyday. Mirabel is Morgan’s third Master Champion daughter.


Gr Ch Jr Doe 2008 ODGC Twilight Show
Gr Ch Jr Doe 2008 ISSS Harvest Moon Show
Gr Ch Jr Doe 2008 ISSS Sept Dawn Show
Gr Ch Sr Doe 2009 ISSS Harvest Moon Show

Mirabel’s Pedigree