Mini Silkies

Miniature Silky Fainting Goats
All Sires and Dams tested negative for CAE and Johnes October 2010.

MCH Sol-Orr's Liliana MCH Sol-Orr's Secret Hope Sol-Orr's Maverick

The goats in the pictures above are the product of much love and labor to breed a small, colorful, long, silky coated goat, some of which will faint. We have used some Nigerian Dwarf Does in our breeding program. Those Does are pictured below and as you can see, they are not typical of the Nigerian Dwarf Goats being bred today. These Nigerian Dwarf Does were the product of foundation Nigerian Dwarf stock from the late 1980s and early 1990s and these Does have Myotonic goats in their background. How do I know that? Because, some of their kids will faint when they are bred to Myotonic bucks. If they didn’t carry the Myotonic gene then it would take another generation of breeding to Myotonic goats to produce fainting kids. The fainting aspect of the Mini Silkies is something that happens because of the background of the goats used to develop this breed, however it is the look that sets the Mini Silky apart from other goat breeds and makes the Mini Silkies unique, so that is the emphasis of our breeding program. Through selective breeding and maybe some good fortune, we have developed a line of Miniature Silky Fainting Goats that are exotic, colorful, unique, enchanting and quite frankly irresistible.

Maraco and Gypsy

Maraco and Gypsy, Two Grand Ole Dams

These two girls, that we acquired from Anne McLaughlin in North Carolina, were our beginning along with Rogues Pierre and Napoleon, two long coated fainters that we acquired from Frank Baylis in Virginia. They are twin sisters and have been a very important part of our Mini Silky breeding program. We lost Maraco in February of 2006 when she was 12 years old, we really miss her. Gypsy on the right is the dam of the Doe pictured below, Morgan. Maraco pictured on the left is the dam of Renaissance. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate and love these two Does.

To the left is “Morgan”, one of our foundation does. Sol-Orr's RenaissanceShe is a daughter of Gypsy and although she is a registered Nigerian Dwarf and doesn’t faint, she exhibits a long silky coat, so was perfect for our breeding program. She has produced some of our most Extreme Mini Silkies, including our first Master Champion, Sol-Orr’s Maggie Mae.

To the right is a picture of Sol-Orr’s Renaissance, whom we lost in the summer of 2004. Renaissance is a son of Maraco and Rogues Pierre. We loved and appreciated Renaissance, not only for his extreme beauty, but for the wonderful kids that he gave us. He was white and chocolate and had extremely long ,silky bangs and a gorgeous long, flowing, silky coat which is what we are striving to produce. He has left a big hole in the breeding program and is greatly missed, luckily we retained a few of his kids here to carry on his legacy.

Bayshore's Rogues PierreThese two pictures are of “Bayshore’s Rogues Pierre” who was Bayshore's Rogues Pierreour foundation Buck. Most all of our Mini Silkies go back to Pierre somewhere in their pedigree. He sired many outstanding Mini Silkies for us and we loved and appreciated Pierre tremendously. These pictures were taken of him when he was about 9 months old, Pierre passed away November 12, 2008 at 10 and 1/2 years old. Pierre held a very special place in our hearts and was a big part of our breeding program. We can never thank Frank Baylis enough for allowing us to acquire Pierre. He’s was one in a million and will always be remembered fondly.

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