Mini Nubian Does

I test regularly for CAE and Johnes - all sires and dams tested negative.

Most of these does are 1st and 2nd generation Mini Silky does. My plan is to breed and produce smaller offspring with good breed and dairy characteristics.

Sol-Orr’s Mariposa

Sol-Orr's Mariposa

MDGA Registered First Generation Mini Nubian DOB: 3/11/2011 Sire: Springs Run TF Huckleberry Finn Dam: Breezy-Timber Mc Marigold . More About Mariposa: Mariposa is an elegant, refined Mini Nubian Doe with good overall conformation. She is very dainty and feminine and produced two beautiful doelings in 2013. I’m excited about her coming kids in 2014.

Breezy Timber PM Penny

Pure Bred Nubian DOB: 4-1-2005 Sire: Song of Joy Madison Dam: Breezy Timber Phoenix . More About Penny Penny is a brightly colored doe with good overall conformation. This will be the first year that she freshens here at Sol-Orr. I am very excited to have Penny in my breeding program.

Chribrydon Blue’s Bree 6*M

Pure Bred Nubian DOB:4-21-2005 Sire: Teardrops At Kashta Dam: Chribrydon Tara Bonnie Blue . More About Bree Bree produces beautiful kids and is a wonderful milk producer as well. She gives at least a gallon a day and is probably the sweetest tempered of all the does, not that the others are ill tempered, but […]

Breezy-Timber MC Marigold

Breezy-Timber MC Marigold

Pure Bred Nubian DOB: 3-28-2006 Sire: Cherry Hill AJ Joint Chief Dam: Breezy Timber Maxine . More About Marigold Marigold is a very sturdy, correct doe with beautiful udder attachment and produces a good amount of milk. She has beautiful kids and is a great contributor to my breeding program. photo courtesy of Breezy Timber […]