MCH Sol-Orr’s Liliana

MCH Sol-Orr's Liliana

DOB: February 4, 2006
Sire: Bayshore’s Noah
Dam: Sol-Orr’s Gardenia



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Sol-Orr's Liliana

The picture above was taken when Liliana was 4 months old. She has a pretty good body coat coming in, but no head furnishings or signs of furnishings at this point.

Sol-Orr's Liliana   Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana, a pretty name for a pretty little doe. She is a year old in the pictures above and as you can see she has come into a very nice coat for a doe and look at those head furnishings…who knew? Liliana is a very sweet doe as well as pretty.

Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana taking Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the Goats, Music and More Festival’s Mini Silky Show in October of 2007. Liliana was 1 year and 8 months old.

Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana shown going Grand Champion Senior Doe at the 2008 Indian Summer Mini Silky Show, earning her first Championship Leg.

Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana takes Grand Champion Doe at 2008 Goats Music and More Festival Mini Silky Show, earning her second Championship Leg.

MCH Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana taken at the farm on March 23, 2010.
MSFGA Master Champion Sol-Orr’s Liliana won the 2009 MSFGA Top Winning Mini Silky Of The Year Award.

Liliana pictured below with Steve Orr, where she earned her third champion leg for her MSFGA Master Championship, as well as three Best in Shows at the Old Dominion Gold Cup Mini Silky Shows. Liliana accumulated 177 points over the 2009 show year which made her the top winning Mini Silky in 2009.

MCH Sol-Orr's Liliana

Liliana passed away a few years ago… she was one of the most beautiful Mini Silky does that I had ever seen. I sure miss seeing and interacting with her. .


Champion Junior Doe 2007 GMMF

Grand Champion Doe 2008 GMMF

Grand Champion Doe 2009 ODGC Daybreak Show

Best in Show 2009 ODGC Daybreak Show

Best in show 2009 ODGC Sunset Show

Best in Show 2009 ODGC Twilight Show

2009 Top Winning Mini Silky Of The Year

Best In Show 2010 ODGC SKO Memorial Classic Daybreak Show

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