MCH Sol-Orr’s Cindy Lou

DOB: February 27, 2007
Sire: Sol-Orr’s Monroe
Dam: Bayshore’s Cinderella


More About Cindy Lou

Sol-Orr's Cindy Lou   Sol-Orr's Cindy Lou   Sol-Orr's Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou at about 3 months old, 9 months old and 18 months old.
Cindy Lou is a Monroe daughter out of one of my favorite does, Cinderella. Cindy Lou was pretty quick to come into her long coat, although I expect it to get much longer than this in the near future. Some does can take up to 4 years to get the coat that Cindy Lou is exhibiting at only 18 months and that is why we are thrilled to have Cindy Lou in our breeding program.


Cindy Lou is pictured to the left at 2 years and 7 months old. She has blossomed into a beautiful, extreme Mini Silky Doe.




2009 GMMF Gr Champion Sr Doe
Grand Champion 2010 RMFG Golden Spike Show
Grand Champion 2010 September Dawn Show
Grand Champion 2011 ODGC MC Daybreak Show
Dam of MCH Sol-Orr’s Charles – 2011 Top Winning Mini Silky of the Year

Cindy Lou’s Pedigree