2017 ODGC Memorial Classic Mini Silky Shows

The Eleventh Annual Old Dominion Gold Cup Memorial Classic Mini Silky Shows
will be held in Harrisonburg, VA at Rockingham County Fairgrounds

Friday and Saturday April 21 & 22, 2017

Friday April 21, 2017

ODGC Memorial Classic Sunrise Mini Silky Show (AM)
Judge: Kaycie Chester

ODGC Memorial Classic Daybreak Show (AM)
Judge: John S Vizzuto

ODGC Memorial Classic Sunset Mini Silky Show (PM)
Judge: Judy Ratcliffe

ODGC Memorial Classic Twilight Mini Silky Show (PM)
Judge: Karen Wilson

Satuday April 22, 2017

ODGC Memorial Classic Spring Break Mini Silky Show (AM)
Judge: Kimberly Barmoy

ODGC Memorial Classic Spring Fever Mini Silky Show (AM)
Judge: Linda Cosner

The ODGC shows was dedicated to the memory of Stephen K Orr.
Founder of the ODGC shows and co-founder of the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association and Sol-Orr Farm.

Hosted By Sol-Orr Farm

For results and pictures go to: https://msfgaregistry.org/show-history/2017-odgc-mini-silky-shows