2011 Old Dominion Gold Cup Shows

Sixth Annual Old Dominion Gold Cup Memorial Classic Mini Silky Shows
was held in Harrisonburg, VA at Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Saturday April 30, 2011

Our Judges

ODGC Mini Silky Sunrise Show (AM)
Judge: Timothy Stacey, Dickson, TN

ODGC Mini Silky Daybreak Show (AM)
Judge: Mitzi Stacey, Dickson, TN

ODGC Mini Silky Sunset Show (PM)
Judge: Judy Ratcliff, Scottsville, VA

ODGC Mini Silky Twilight Show (PM)
Judge: Katherine Angeles, Dickson, TN

We had four Mini Silky Shows in one day. We had one set of classes in the morning judged simultaneously and independently by two judges. At the end of each class each judge’s placements were announced and ribbons were awarded. This same format was repeated in the afteroon. Champion legs were available in each division, under each judge.

Show Hosted by

Sol-Orr Farm

Show Sponsors

Janet & Robert Shlanta of Springs Run
Jackie and John Pegg of Flying J Fainters
Terri & Robert Randolph of Randolph’s Mini Hoof Farm
Ed & Sue Norlander of Ed’s Awards & Engraving
Sharon Joly of Four Springs Farm
Ada Marie & Allan Kindrick of Jacobs Run Farm

Division Sponsors

Lee Ann Spangler of Mulberry Hill Minis
Linda Bourque & Mindy Smith of Hobby Hills Acres
Ryan & Teressa Collier of Bear Creek Farm
Tammy Harper of Westwind Acres

Class Sponsors

Symantha Zeimet of Fresh Start Farm

Our Photographer

A special thank you to Glen Cox of Wild Hare Photography.

Morning Shows

ODGC Sunrise Show – Judge: Timothy Stacey
ODGC Daybreak Show – Judge: Mitzi Stacey

Optional or Non-Regular Classes

These classes were held between the AM & PM Shows. All of the following classes were judged by all 4 judges in concert. The classes were placed by each judge from 1st to last place. The placements for each animal was then added together from each judge and the animal with the lowest score received 1st place, with the next lowest score receiving 2nd place and so on and so forth.

Best Coat In Show

There were 9 entries in this class. There is only one Mini Silky Chosen for Best Coat In Show
and the winner is:

Sol-Orr’s Bee Bop Kid, Bear Creek Farm

Costume Class

There were 12 entries in this class. Below are the results of this class.
1st – Bayshore Bobby, KC’s Kids
2nd – Hobby Hills Blossom, Hobby Hills Acres
3rd – Blessed Assurance Lamb Chop, Blessed Assurance Farm
4th – Westwind Acres Northern Star, Westwind Acres

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